Sep 2019 – KIOSKedia International workshop of interior design and architecture

KIOSKedia International workshop of interior design and architecture (Intermediate Level) with an approach to enter the professional job market of iran and international

KIOSKedia International Workshop on Interior Design and Architecture in order to promote vision in interior design and familiarity with new achievements in architecture and designs and with the cooperation of experienced lecturers; Dr. Safaei (Mr) – Dr. Kiani (Mr) And Dr. Arjmand (Mr.) was held in Homa Hotel (Sheraton)hall, on september 2019 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM .
duration: 3 days
this fun workshop formed perfect for interior enthusiast who wanted to enhance their skills and confidence for considering a career in interiors The event gave attendees a taste of the Certificate in Interior Decoration course and they got a feel for our workshop and the passion of our lecturers. Get hands on as attendees learned how to put together a full interior decoration scheme for a living space by their own. Plan the layout, select furniture and lighting, explore colour schemes and create a sample board of their ideas.
attendees were able to enjoy some practical demonstrations, and the novelties and Good works incorporated in its catalogue. All the presentations were accompanied by projects carried out by Good work that served as examples to explain the contents.