KIOSKedia Communication & Marketing Course

KIOSKedia courses in Communication, Marketing & Branding  is the professional practice for architect, interior designer, industrial designer and artist to make their profession and communication more stronger.

The course will provide the students with a general overview of scientific contents regarding basic communication, Marketing & Branding and leadership skills.

The Module:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding Strategy
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Structuring presentations and statement
  • Visualization
  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Communication with customer
  • Methods of attracting a contract
  • Students will increase their written communication skills;
  • Students will learn multiple theoretical perspectives and approaches on leadership;
  • Students will be able to recognize the psychological, organizational, and social factors that impact the
  • Students will master the concepts and technical vocabulary of leadership;
  • Students will understand the critical factors involved in leadership development and will be able to develop and improve their own leadership style.