Oct 2019 – KIOSKedia International workshop of interior design and architecture

KIOSKedia International workshop of interior design and architecture (Advanced Level) with an approach to enter the professional job market of iran and international 

KIOSKedia International Workshop on Interior Design and Architecture in order to promote vision in interior design and familiarity with new design styles according to the new science of architecture with the cooperation of experienced professors and lecturers; Dr.Gholami(Ms), Dr. Safaei (Mr) – Dr. Kiani (Mr) And Dr. Arjmand (Mr.) was held in Homa Hotel (Sheraton) hall, during 3 days on october 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
attendees learned a great deal in the process, encountered many new subjects, and found creative solutions during lectures. This workshop has, in turn, enabled us to deliver a broader and higher quality education to our students.
In this 3-day workshop, students were divided into several teams and tried to incorporate the ideas of other teams in their work in addition to their own team work. The supervision of the professors over the work of the groups and their ideation helped the teams a lot.
with certificates given, attendees have just reinstated our confidence in their talent and impressive skills.
It is a very big deal to receive such an honor when the workshop were too good to be compared.