August 2019 – Collaboration in a conference on the secret of success and personal branding

A conference on the “secret of success and personal branding”

Conference on the secret of success and personal branding discussed methods and rules of personal branding and its relationship with various types of business in collaboration with KIOSKedia and with the presence of professional professors and prominent figures in this field, Dr. Safaei (Mr. ) – Dr. Kiani (Mr.) and Dr. Arjmand (Mr.), was held in Homa Hotel (Sheraton) Hall on August 2019 from 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. for 3 days.

This innovative conference offered trusted networks, informative and keynotes, plus expertise and powerful networks worry-free, and at their own pace. The event began with Additional learning opportunities and Finally, attendees culminate with more conference workshops. we were excited to offer attendees the opportunity to visit virtual expositions during the month.
This is the time again where we have to say goodbye to attendees and wish them good luck for their future. We always make a farewell party as memorable as possible so the workshop can serve as a tribute from the moment they decided to come in this event till their last day. This is the most magnum KIOSKedia event that the course organizes in the whole month so everyone’s presence would mean a lot.