April 2019 – KIOSKedia International workshop of interior design and architecture

KIOSKedia International workshop of interior design and architecture with an approach to enter the professional job market of iran and international (Advanced Level)

The International workshop of Interior Design and Architecture was dedicated to bring together a significant number of professors and lecturers for presentation within the workshop program. Event was run over a span of time during April 2019 in Homa Hotel (sheraton) from 9am to 7pm. With its high quality and dedicated lecturers like Dr. Gholami(Ms) – Dr. safayi(Mr) – Dr. Kiani(Mr) and Dr.Arjmand(Mr), it provides an exceptional value for individuals, academics and industry researchers.
The workshop brought attendees and professionals together with contemporary ideas and design skills by exploring new capabilities and learning techniques during the workshop, tutors and participants had the chance not only to learn from experts but also to exchange knowledge and share skills with them. In this event, more than 100 participants and some experienced tutors worked on realizing 14 interdisciplinary projects.

The participants appreciated the opportunity to exchange views and experiences on recent ideas and strategies within the international forums and expressed a strong desire to maintain the contacts they had established during the workshop.

Workshop Videos