Visit a furniture design and manufacturing factory and a practical workshop

This 3-day workshop was held, different from other workshops, at a furniture factory from 9:00 AM to 19:00 PM .
In this workshop, in addition to the presence of the professors of the KIOSKedia academy, the managers and experts of this factory participated in presenting the materials. All construction stages from the initial stage of design and drawing were fully described using measurement calculations in various models up to the production line.
During these three days, the students became fully acquainted with the need for manufacturers to receive designs from designers for the manufacture and production of furniture, and knew how important calculations are in each piece of furniture.
The students also got acquainted with different types of fabrics and their shapes in different parts of furniture.
Ms. Solmaz Fooladi, Dr. Fereshteh Gholami, Mr. Iman Koushki, Dr. Arjmand and Yaser Fooladian were the professors of this workshop who played a very important role in the explanations and ideas of furniture production.