Scientific discourse panel on architecture and interior design with the presence of a German architect Christoph Woop from Hadi Tehrani Architect & Dr. Fereshteh Gholami President of Kioskedia Academy & Nima Shokrifar Architect & Contractor

In this 3-days workshop which was held in Hilton Hotel Conference Hall ,students, after learning the curriculum by the professors, tried to create attractive projects as a team in a very tight competitive environment that created by the professors.
The workshop started at 9:00am and end at 19:00p.m every day .
Interior and building designs were all derived from innovative new models in their field of study.
This workshop, which was very practical, forced the students to give the necessary explanations to their professors and, like a professor, to acquaint the other groups with the different methods of their work.
Dr. Gholami,the President of the Academy, continued his teachings on group work as he oversaw all projects. The students tried to get the opinion of the president of the academy as well as their professors for their projects.
At the closing ceremony of the workshop, the German professor was honored for teaching interior design with modern global methods and was awarded a prize as a memorial.
All students were awarded certificates and awards for best work by professors.

KIOSKedia Interior Design Syllabus for General & Specific Workshops

  • Essential and important principles of residential interior design  
  • Colors in interior design
  •  Materials in interior design 
  • Graphic in interior design
  • Psychology in interior design
  • Principles of sustainable design in interior design
  • Metrology & Cost Estimation in interior design
  • Electrical, installation, contractor, execution in interior design
  • Facilities in interior design
  • Lightning in interior design
  • Furniture Design
  • Green space design in interior design
  • Contextual architecture
  • Brick in architecture and interior design
  • Principles of negotiation in interior design
  • Concluding a contract with employer 
  • Essential and important principles of commercial interior design
  • Essential and important principles of office interior design
  • Interior Design Style
  • Material Design & Details
  • Detail Design
  • Renovation design
  • Art in interior design
  • Concrete in interior design
  • Lighting design (Advanced )
  • Landscape design
  • Creativity and idea generation
  •  Cafe and restaurant design
  •  Principles of engineering system and its rules in interior design
  • Communication with customer in interior design projects
  • Concluding a contract with contractor
  • Principles of international contracts for working abroad
  • Introduction and preparation for international competitions