International online workshop on interior design and architecture with the approach of entering the Iranian and international Business Market- 3rd to 5th March & 7th to 9th April -2021

International online workshop on interior design and architecture with the approach of entering the Iranian and international Business Market- 3rd to 5th March & 7th to 9th April -2021

The courses and topics of the 6-days workshop were divided into 2 parts, the first part for 3 days from March 3rd to 5th from 9:00 a.m.  to 19:00 p.m. – and the second part from April 7th to 9th from 9:00 a.m.  to 19:00 p.m.

In this workshop, international professors (Italy-Germany and Ukraine) as well as professors and celebrities of Iranian architecture spoke about the interesting and practical topics that were useful and important for the future business market of the participants in the workshop.

The syllabi and topics of this workshop are new and based on the syllabi of international universities and abstracts of practical courses in the business market.

Registration and entry to the workshop is not limited for those interested.

Workshop topics in the first part:

– Residential interior design – Prof. Iman Koushki

– Stylistics – Prof. Freshteh Gholami

– Introduction and preparation for architecture competitions – Interior architecture – Furniture and lighting – Prof. Nima Bavardi –

– The effect of personal branding on logo design – Prof.  Aydin Arjmandi

– Psychology of space in interior architecture – Prof.  Yaser Fooladian

– Contract with the employer – Prof. Alireza Pourasad

– Principles of green and sustainability  in design – Prof. Vahid Ghobadian

– Design and use of concrete in the interior design of soul of loft industrial – Prof. Solmaz Fooladi

– Engineering system and relevant laws to the field – Prof. Bijan Khatibi

– Street University (Marketing and the Principles of Negotiation) Preparatory Course – Prof. Mehdi Safaei

– Contemporary architecture of Iran and the world – Proj. Iraj Etesam

– Applied material science (introduction of materials available in the market) – Prof. Iman Kooshaki

– From architecture to product design – Prof. Christoph Wope

– Lighting in interior architecture – Prof. Aydin Arjmand

– A different perspective on interior architecture – Prof. Darab Diba

Workshop topics in the second part:

– Commercial interior design – Prof. Iman Kooshki

– Interdisciplinary nature of interior design; What, why and how – Prof. Hassan Motallebi

– Contract with the contractor – Prof. Alireza Pourasad

– Design and execution of green landscape – Prof. Ramin Erfanian

– Rereading an experience (Lumines Cafe is an example of an architect’s experience) – Prof. Mohammad Kani Savaran

– Analysis and study of contemporary Iranian design and architecture and the impact of teamwork on it – Prof. Amir Houshang Ardalan

– Do architecture learners need a new strategy ? – Prof. Mojtaba Sadria

– Estimated meters in interior architecture – Prof. Farhang Ashafi

– Colorimetry and color composition – Prof. Fereshteh Gholami

– Architecture is an excuse for life – Prof. Behshid Hosseini

– The pattern of living in architecture and interior architecture – Prof. Alireza Mashhadi Mirza

– Street University (Marketing and the Principles of Negotiation) Advanced Course – Prof. Mehdi Safaei

– Reuse and recycled materials (sustainable design) in furniture and product design – Prof. Alessandro Matthia

– Art in Interior Design – Prof. Yaser Fooladian

– A look at landscape design – Prof. Iraj Shahrooz Tehrani

– The difference between design and execution, functionalism or formalism in architecture and interior design – Prof.  Siavash Teymouri

– Cafe restaurant design – Prof. Peyman Kiani

– A look at how to build spaces such as green roof, green wall, green terrace – Prof . Sina and Kasra Amiri

– Lighting in interior architecture (advanced period) – Prof. Aydin Arjmand

  • The language of the workshop is Persian and the teaching of international professors is with Persian translation.
  • Certificate of the workshop is from Sapins Design Italy.

Workshop Professors Resume:

Alessandro Mattia:

Alessandro Mattia is an Italian designer. Together with Gloria Gianatti, she is the creator of Sapiens Design and the winner of world-renowned design awards.

Records and awards:

2020 – A’Design Award – Italy

2019 – Honorable mention “Alessandro Mendini” – Materia Independent Design Festival 2019

2019 – Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2019 – Germany

2019 – Interni Bonetti Award, Alternative Design – Rebell Contest Winner – Italy

2019 – Valentini Award – Rebell Contest Winner – Italy

2017 – Honorable mention “Ettore Sottsass” – Materia Independent Design Festival 2017 – Italy

2020 – Materia sospesa – Materia Design Festival – Digital Edition

2020 – Home Working: how to live it – Interni Bonetti – Torino – Italy

2019 – Alkemia – Czech Design Week – Praga – Czech Republic

2019 – Design on Stage – Red Dot Design Museum – Essen – Germany

2019 – Pinetum 06 – Montevarchi – Italy

2019 – Alkemia – Bologna Design Week – Bologna – Italy

2019 – Oltre Design – Materia Design Festival – Catanzaro – Italy

2019 – Digital Destox Design – Milano Design Week – Milan – Italy

2019 – Rebell – Reggio Emilia – Italy

2018 – Bologna Design Week – Bologna – Italy

2018 – Materia Design Festival – Catanzaro – Italy

2018 – Superdesignshow – Milano Design Week – Milan – Italy

2017 – Design Circus – Milan – Italy

2017 – Materia Design Festival – Catanzaro – Italy

2017 – Superdesignshow – People and stories – Milano Design Week – Milan – Italy

Christoph Woop:

Christoph Woop is a German architect. He completed his education in Germany. He is the senior architect of Hadi Tehrani office and has done several projects in the world with Hadi Tehrani team. The field of activity of Christoph and Hadi Tehrani’s office is from architecture to industrial design and furniture.

Iraj Etesam:

He holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Florence, a Master of Regional Planning from the United Nations since 1971, and a member of the Association of Formal Justice Experts since 1973.

Dr. Iraj Etesam currently has numerous members in the field of housing activities, the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, the American Association of Architects and Urban Planners, the International Society of Greece, the International Federation of Housing and Planning, The Hague, the Netherlands, the Board of Trustees of the Iranian Architects Association.

His responsibilities include associate professor at the National University of Iran, associate professor at the University of Tehran, head of the technical office of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, founder and CEO of Amco Consulting Engineers, professor of architecture and urban planning at the University of Tehran, senior consultant and researcher for Amco Consulting Engineers and Doxiadis International Institute. A visiting professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, a researcher at the Center for Urban Studies at the University of California at Berkeley, a lecturer at the University of Berkeley in the United States, and more.

One of Dr. Etesam’s plans and projects can be found in Mellat Park in Tehran; Shah Cheragh Collection in Shiraz; Caspian coastal regional tourism plan; Campus of Sistan and Baluchestan University; Tehran Park Latian New City; Mahallat Tourism Complexes, Sarein Ardabil, Lahijan; Original design of the Saint-Tropez complex in southern France; Residential Complexes and Villas in Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, USA; A set of seven office blocks in Bell View, Washington; He mentioned the construction complex of pilgrims in Medina, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Among his works are the translation of the book The Two-Headed Eagle, From the Past to the Future of Human Settlement by Constantine Dexpadis, 1998, the translation of the book Islamic Architecture, Form, Function and Meaning by Robert Helen Brand, 1998 and numerous articles in domestic specialized magazines and Foreign and .. pointed out.

Darab Diba:

An architect, designer and author, he proudly received his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Geneva and the Belgian Royal Academy. He is a professor at universities such as Tehran, MIT / Harvard, Paris Belleville, Lausanne EPFL and Milan Polytechnic. He has also worked with UNDP, UN and was a member of the main jury of the Aga Khan Award in Geneva in 2001. He is the Secretary of Architecture / Urban Planning and the author of many articles and reference books. He is also a member of the juries of various projects at the national and international levels. He received many awards, including the National Award from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the UN Habitat Special Award in 2009. One of his most important projects is the Berlin Embassy, ​​which has been selected as a selected work in the book of the University of Berlin due to its connection between cultural heritage and contemporary architecture. He is currently Professor of Architecture at Khatam University and Managing Director of DYBAN International Office.

Mojtaba Sadria:

Professor Sadria is an Iranian thinker, philosopher and socio-cultural theorist. He completed his studies in France, Germany and Canada and later taught at Canadian universities. He then moved to Tokyo and taught for about 20 years as a professor at Japanese universities. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees and Judge of the Aga Khan Architecture Prize and also works as a scientific advisor to the Nomad academy in London and Denmark. He has authored more than fifty books and articles to date. . He is also one of the key UN thinkers in the Dialogue of Civilizations, and a member of the World Culture Roundtable in Kyoto. In addition, his influential activities can be seen in social movements such as interpreting Tehran and the Institute of Architectural and Urban Design Research in the world and examining new issues of individual and family health. After returning to Iran, they continue their activities in three areas: examining the various dimensions of human existence, the fate of our children, the parent-child relationship, and aspects of issues related to architecture and urban studies.

Siavash Teymouri:

Siavash Teymouri is a famous Iranian architect and one of the prominent figures of the second generation of modern Iranian architects. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Teymouri went to Paris and spent his doctorate at the عالیcole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, graduating in 1969. In Paris, in addition to working with prominent European architects at the time, Teymouri was awarded the French Architects’ Association Prize in 1967. He also won first place in the design competition of the Faculty of Science of the University of Isfahan in 1973. He is currently a member of the French Society of Architects and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Iranian Association of Architectural Honors.

Vahid Ghobadian:

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Architecture from Ohio State University, USA, PhD in Architecture from Islamic Azad University – Research Sciences, Teaching in Iranian Universities (1985), Member of the International Energy Agency (IEA (2002, Lecturer in the Engineering System Organization) 19 buildings, (2005), senior designer in consulting engineering companies Gilder, Murry & Associates and Barry Buildings, Inc. in the United States (1363-1360), won first place in the solar building design competition for Yazd solar thermal power plant in 1999, CEO of Architectural Consulting Engineers Sefid (from 2001 to 2009), exemplary researcher of the university in 2005 and 2017, holding seminars and lectures in specialized assemblies and more than twenty universities in the country, lecturing in architectural seminars in Europe, Australia and the United Arab Emirates on traditional architecture And Contemporary Iranian Architecture, author and translator of many specialized books in the field of architecture and publishing more than seventy specialized articles in Iranian architecture magazines and international journals (1365).

Iraj Shahrooz Tehrani:

Member of the Association of Architects of Florence, Italy, Ph.D. Former Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, National University of Iran, Former Lecturer in the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Former Lecturer in Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran.

Amir Houshang Ardalan:

One of the honors and pioneers of Iranian architecture, a member of the Iranian Honors Association of Architecture, a university lecturer, graduated in 1971 in the field of architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran with a master’s degree. He has been the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Architecture and Project Manager at ATEC Consulting since 2003. Professional activities: – Participation in the design of Niavaran Cultural Center – Museum of Contemporary Art – Shushtar No Town – Jundishapur University – Bandar Shapur New Town – Bu Ali Sina University – Tehran International Exhibitions – Pahlavi City – Darupakhsh Pharmaceutical Complex – Khorramshahr Reconstruction Project – Staff Port of Shipping Ports Organization – Expansion Project around Imam Reza (AS) Shrine – Coastal Town – Cultural and Construction Recreation Center of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan. Since 1979, he has been teaching architecture at the University of Tehran and the Islamic Azad University.

Behshid Hosseini:

Dr. Seyed Behshid Hosseini, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Arts, PhD in Architecture from the University of Tehran, Architect, University Lecturer, Faculty Member.

Nima Bavardi:

Nima Bavardi is a successful Iranian designer. He has a master’s degree in industrial design and has received many awards in the field of design. He is very interested in designing products that people use in their daily lives and has so far won 37 international professional design awards. He has been a member of the jury for the A’Design Award in Italy, the IndustArt Design Awards in Ukraine, the Edison Awards and the LIT Awards in the United States since 2017. He is an official member of the Global Design Consortium, the World Design Club, the International Association of Creative Industries and the International Assembly of Designers.

Aydin Arjmandi:

Aydin Arjmandi is a successful Iranian designer. He has won numerous national and international awards and is an official member of the Global Design Consortium, the World Design Club, the International Association of Creative Industries and the International Assembly of Designers. He is also a member of the jury of several international competitions. He is also a lecturer and marketing director at the Fashion Burgo Institute in Qatar and director of the international section of the Design Festival of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 2015, he won the A’Design Award from Italy with an invention called Chlorido. He has been a member of the jury for the A’Design Award in Italy, the IndustArt Design Awards in Ukraine, the Edison Awards and the LIT Awards in the United States since 2016.

Fereshteh Gholami:

Architect and Interior Designer, Graduate in Sustainable Architecture from UPM University, Architect and Interior Design Researcher, Sustainable Design and Architecture Specialist, Lecturer in Interior Design and Architecture, Managing Director and Licensee of International Media Kiosk in Malaysia and Iran, Managing Director of International Educational Institute Nobel in Malaysia, Editor-in-Chief of the International Trilingual Journal of Kiosk in Malaysia and Iran.

Solmaz Fouladi :

Solmaz is a Ukrainian-Iranian architect. She graduated from Kiev National University with a master’s degree in architecture and founded the Solmaz Primavera International Studio in Ukraine. In addition to architecture, she works in interior design, Furniture Design, Fashion Design and Installation Performance and is a member of the Kiev Architecture Council. She works in the style of Iranian modernism, which is a combination of luxury symbols and symbols of ancient Iranian civilizations with modern architectural trends and technologies. She does not limit herself to any style in making objects and designing furniture. Her favorite style in her work is Loft-Industrial. She has completed more than 50 successful projects and has received numerous international awards.

Alireza Mashhadi Mirza:

Alireza Mashhadi Mirza, a graduate of Iran University of Science and Technology with a master’s degree in architecture, has been working professionally since 1998. Winning domestic and international architectural awards as well as publishing his works outside of Iran is the result of 20 years of professional activity of the architect in designing and implementing residential, office, commercial, etc. projects inside and outside the country. In addition to his professional work, he taught at the university for a master’s degree and has held more than a dozen workshops throughout Iran at various universities. He became a finalist for the Aga Khan Award in 2016. His work has been published in Italy, the United Kingdom, China and the United Arab Emirates. He has received numerous international awards, including: finalist of Agha Khan Award 2016, finalist of World Architecture Festival 2012, residential complexes section, Chicago World Architecture Award in 2014, World Brick Award in 2014 and 2018, World Brick Institute of England and. ..

Bijan Khatibi:

Member of the board of directors of the seventh and eighth term of Tehran Construction Engineering Organization, Vice President of Tehran Contractors Association, Member of the Board of Alborz High School Alumni Association, Amirkabir University of Technology Alumni Association, Amirkabir University of Technology Master of Civil Engineering, Environment, North Nasim Construction Holding Manager.

Mehdi Safaei:

Entrepreneurship lecturer, marketing consultant and speaker at marketing conferences, top entrepreneur from 1992 to 1997, founder and manager of Concept Holding, 1999 kickboxing world champion Denmark, assistant to Kirosh and bodybuilding coach of the 2014 Brazilian national football team, member of the board World Bodyguard Organization, Ambassador of the MS Society, Ambassador of the Autism Society, Ambassador of the Red Crescent Society of the Red Cross of the whole country, the first social ambassador of the fight against drugs, Ambassador of Relief International.

Mohammad Kani Savaran:

Architect, nominated for the 11th Arc Daily Building of the Year Award, 2020 /, National Festival of Architects and Employers, 2019 / 1st place, 2nd place in the 11th Iranian Interior Design Competition, awarded the 3rd National Biennial of Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Planning.

Alireza Pourasad:

Graduated in civil engineering, 16 years of experience in the field of contracting, employer, consultant, author of 15 books on engineering contracts, member of the committee for drafting the public-private partnership bill and the working group of the Program and Budget Organization, instructor of engineering contracts and special tenders for executive bodies, Chambers of Commerce and Contractors.

Aydin Javadi Arjomand:

Lecturer of Noor Architecture in Shahid Beheshti University, former Lecturer of Noor Architecture in Technical Complex, former member of the Faculty of Design, Lighting and Lighting in Tehran Beautification Organization in 2012 and 2013, member of Iranian Lighting and Lighting Association, Electrical Engineering (Power) of Azad University South Tehran Branch, Roger Narboni, International Expert in France at LUCI Union and Comprehensive Urban Lighting Designer for 110 Cities in the World, Lighting Design Master Plan for the Main Historical Lighting Design for the Main Historical Urban Lighting Design by Master Ezzat Baroudi, Designer Erco Collection Lighting, Acirnt Building Lighting by Robero Coarradini and Marc Palandella, a specialist in urban lighting design in Italy and a member of the International PLDC Lighting Design Association, AGE in France.

Iman Kushki:

Graduate in Architecture and Interior Architecture, author of specialized books on interior design, interior design researcher, instructor of comprehensive courses in interior design throughout the country, instructor of international short courses in the country, instructor of specialized software for architecture and interior design, designer and Specialized executor of commercial and residential spaces.

Yasser Fouladian:

Master of Architecture, Renovation (University of Tehran), Former Director of Interior Design and Technical Supervisor of Hotel and Hospital Projects (Kandovan, Safaieh Yazd, Iran Zamin, Moheb Tehran, etc.), Former Vice Chancellor of Niasar Kashan Research Center, History of cooperation with Isfahan province heritage (urban research projects, restoration and reconstruction), history of cooperation with the Housing Foundation (optimal housing projects for low-income groups), director of Part Design Office since 2007, lecturer in architecture at Shahid Beheshti University, history Teaching of Tehran Technical Complex, teaching experience of Tehran and Mazandaran Architecture Center, Babol Architect House, lecturer of architecture and interior design of Azad Noor Universities; Azad Babol, non-profit (Tabari Babol, Roozbehan Sari, Nimai Mahmoudabad, Pardisan Fereydoon Kenar).

Hassan Motalebipour:

Graduate of Shahid Beheshti University. Invited lecturer at Azad University. Instructor of Higher Architecture Courses at Shahid Beheshti University. Member of the board of directors of the Iran-France Friendship Association. Records such as: (Faculty of Tehran Facade Committee. Board of Directors of Parhas Consulting Engineers. Founder of Art and Architecture Laboratory “B”. Senior Director of various domestic and international projects.

Peyman Kiani:

Master of Architecture, former lecturer of Azad University, founder and CEO of “Peyman Kiani Architects” architecture group (specialized design of hotel, food court, hall, restaurant, cafe), member of Tehran Architects Association, selected in the 10th Mirmiran Architecture Foundation competition, selected in the competition Adesign, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards and other competitions …, with ISC and ISI expert articles related to hotel and restaurant design, design and supervision of more than 15,000 square meters of successful restaurant, food court and cafe project, design and supervision of more than 50,000 meters Hotel square, design of more than 300,000 square meters of hotel concept and wind.

Farhang Ashafi:

Author of meter and estimation books, instructor of ability on meter, estimation, contract and contract affairs, consultant of 18 consulting companies in meter and estimation affairs.

Ramin Erfanian Salim:

Deputy of Green Space of Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization, PhD in Agro-Ecology, Green Space Lecturer, Green Space Researcher, Activities in Parks and Green Space Organization of Tehran Municipality as Project Supervisor (2006), Technical and Civil Deputy of Parks Organization And Green Space of Tehran (2007-2006), Member of the Board of Parks and Green Space of Tehran (2010), Member of the Academic and Executive Board of Tehran Municipal Studies Center (since 2006), Member of the Executive Committee of the 11th Congress of Agriculture and Plant Breeding (2009).

Kasra Amiri:

Master of Architecture, Lecturer at Soura University, Lecturer at Pars University, Author of the book: Man in the Housing Environment, Author of the book: Design of Diabetes Educational Medical Centers.

Sina Amiri:

Master of Agricultural Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Agriculture, Extension and Education, University of Tehran, Lecturer in Interior Design and Architecture, Green Space Researcher.

KIOSKedia Interior Design Syllabus for General & Specific Workshops

  • Essential and important principles of residential interior design  
  • Colors in interior design
  •  Materials in interior design 
  • Graphic in interior design
  • Psychology in interior design
  • Principles of sustainable design in interior design
  • Metrology & Cost Estimation in interior design
  • Electrical, installation, contractor, execution in interior design
  • Facilities in interior design
  • Lightning in interior design
  • Furniture Design
  • Green space design in interior design
  • Contextual architecture
  • Brick in architecture and interior design
  • Principles of negotiation in interior design
  • Concluding a contract with employer 
  • Essential and important principles of commercial interior design
  • Essential and important principles of office interior design
  • Interior Design Style
  • Material Design & Details
  • Detail Design
  • Renovation design
  • Art in interior design
  • Concrete in interior design
  • Lighting design (Advanced )
  • Landscape design
  • Creativity and idea generation
  •  Cafe and restaurant design
  •  Principles of engineering system and its rules in interior design
  • Communication with customer in interior design projects
  • Concluding a contract with contractor
  • Principles of international contracts for working abroad
  • Introduction and preparation for international competitions