Innovation, Sustainability, and Design Excellence: Winners of the Third Edition of SIT Furniture Design Award Unveiled!

The SIT Furniture Design Award has become a platform for recognizing top-notch talent in the world of furniture and interior design. Check out the winners of the competition’s third edition, and discover how they achieved the perfect balance between form and function.

From left to right: ED407 Lido Sofa by Studio Paolo Ferrari, photo credit: Dion Yu Yan Lin, Punto by Sofia von Hauske, Kaef armchair by Arseniy Brodach

From left to right: ED407 Lido Sofa by Studio Paolo Ferrari, photo credit: Dion Yu Yan Lin, Punto by Sofia von Hauske, Kaef armchair by Arseniy Brodach

Zurich, Switzerland – From cutting-edge designs to bold innovations, the SIT Furniture Design Award has once again showcased the most exceptional talent in furniture and interior design. With over 400 entries from professional and emerging designers from around the world, the competition was fierce, but only a few stood out as the best of the best.

The grand winners of the SIT Furniture Design Award 2023 are:

Interior Design of the Year: Muskoka Cottage by Studio Paolo Ferrari

Furniture Design of the Year: Typology Ribbon Bench by Landscape Forms

Innovation of the Year: M3 Performance® Mattress by BEDGEAR®

Emerging Furniture Designer of the Year: Daejo by Tom Man

Emerging Interior Designer of the Year: Soul Cave – Patagonia by Tony Wu

These winners were selected through a multi-round voting process by a panel of distinguished judges from around the world, including Lilian González-González, Industrial Design Academic Coordinator at the Anáhuac University of México and Board Member at World Design Organization, Barend Slabbert, Programme Leader Interior Design at the University of Derby, Nataly Bolshakova, Founder and Lead Designer at Bolshakova Interiors, Radhika Seth, Vice President of Sales of Yanko Design, Jakob Kjaer Nielsen, Global Design Director at Global Design Director and more industry leaders. The winning designs truly exemplify the importance of recognizing outstanding talent in furniture and interior design, showcasing how creativity, innovation, and sustainability can work hand in hand to produce outstanding pieces that elevate the very concept of design.

Astrid Hebert, the founder of SIT Furniture Design Award, is delighted by this year’s winners and highlighted the importance of recognizing both emerging and established designers. “Design is an ever-evolving field, and we must give space to new talents and established designers alike to showcase their work and push the boundaries of creativity.” adding that “Our mission at the SIT Furniture Design Award is to inspire innovation in furniture and interior design, and this year’s winners have done just that. We congratulate them on their impressive creations and look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in the future.

Other winners in Furniture Design include Karim Rashid for the “Ego Chair”, Jan Flook Lighting with the “Cloud 9”, the German company Maytoni with the “Reflex” winner in Pendant Lighting, García Requejo with the “Arum Lily Collection”, Flexispot for the “V6 Intelligence Fitness Chair” and Studioforma for the lounge chair called “CLODETTE”. In Interior Design categories, the recipients include TABOORET teams design of the “Ukrainian L’Oreal Academy”, Wow Atelier for the “X-Mission” office, Twins Studio winning with the “Tuya Mykonos” in Greece, Johannes Torpe Studios Denmark Aps for the restaurant “Levi” and the Japanese Interior design firm Kamitopen with “Goodman Amenity Space”. Each winner in their respective category reflects the perfect combination of form, function, and aesthetic appeal that sets them apart from the rest.

All the winners can be viewed in the winner’s gallery on the SIT Furniture Design Award website (



Muskoka Cottage

Company: Studio Paolo Ferrari

Designer: Studio Paolo Ferrari
Photo Credit: Joel Esposito
Location: Lake Rosseau, Muskoka, Canada
Client: Richard Browne

Ring on the Green by Yota Hokibara


Typology Ribbon Bench

Company: Landscape Forms

Designer: Designworks, a BMW Group Company

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Landscape Forms

Vertical City by Xinyu Li


M3 Performance® Mattress

Company: BEDGEAR®

Designer: Eugene Alletto

Photo Credit: BEDGEAR

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