June 2019 – KIOSKedia Lighting in Interior Design international workshop

KIOSKedia Lighting in Interior Design international workshop
The KIOSKedia International workshop of Lighting in interior design was conducted successfully during june 2019,at Homa Hotel(Sheraton) seminar hall. Dr. Ehtesam(Mr) – Dr. safayi(Mr) – Dr. Kiani(Mr) and Dr.Arjmand(Mr) was professors and lecturers of the program as our most respected and beloved Director Dr. Gholami(Ms), was very particular about inviting outstanding lecturers and attendees of this event.

This workshop dedicated to the future of education in specialized field of lighting that provided a professional and high-quality workshop on Lighting in interior Design to designers, professionals supporting Marketing ideas and strategies in the field of architecture design. This was made possible by a massive team effort of KIOSKedia lecturers and attendees sharing their creativity, ingenuity and passion to Participants get immersed in the design process and understand the different stages of lighting design in various projects types.
KIOSKedia urged to provide support for follow-up activities including exchange of information and the organization of similar meetings at regional and global level, and to provide a page on the Internet divided into topics discussed in the workshop.
At the end of the program , all the projects were awarded by the KIOSKedia president and the professors in a special ceremony.