December 2019 – Kioskedia team teamwork competition

Kioskedia team teamwork competition

KIOSKedia team were pleased to offer a 3days intensive teamwork competition in the field of Interior Design & architecture. This event granted participants the opportunity to participate in teamworks, using their strong foundation in design techniques and culminating in a final presentation of the works accomplished over the event.This competition was supervised by the professors such as Dr. Gholami(Ms), Dr. Safaei (Mr) – Dr. Kiani (Mr) And Dr. Arjmand (Mr.) and all the projects evaluated by them.

This direct engagement is key for participants to excel outside the academic realm. Participants will go through a full process to realize their visions from concept to production. Aimed to develop the skill to use creative thinking in Interior Architecture and to bring creativity back in the teamwork.
Attendees prepared projects within groups for the purpose of this event.

The participants expressed their deep appreciation to the organizers of the workshop, for the efficient organization of this event and the warm hospitality extended to them. They also thanked Dr.Gholami for creating an event which enhanced the exchange of information and experiences during competition.

Workshop Videos