August 2019 – KIOSKedia Materials in interior design & Material Design international workshop

international workshop on Materials in interior design & other Designs
KIOSKedia International Workshop on Materials in interior design & other Designs took place in August 2019 in Homa Hotel (Sheraton) Hall from 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM for 3 days, with the presence of experienced instructors; Dr. Gholami(Ms), Dr. Safaei (Mr.) – Dr. Kiani (Mr.) – and Dr. Arjmand (Mr.) to provide experimental and practical solutions in the field of material design and interior design .

This education course in “Materials for interior design” as a specialization for architects, interior designers and professionals , deepen their knowledge of new materials, the quality of the surfaces and their interaction with the space and along with other elements: through some true and varied workshop, in terms of design and culture, lecturers discussed the different categories of matters useful in interior architecture.
The students congratulated the experts on their presentations, which had undertook to take into account the proposals made with a view to receiving effective knowledge in interior design. They thanked Dr.Gholami(Ms) for organizing the event.