KIOSKedia cooperated in 6th international Symposium – Dubai March 2020

Sustainability seminar in Urban Architecture on modern and traditional models was held in March 2020 in Dubai.
The seminar was held as a workshop with the participation of a number of Iranian graduates and students from Dubai University of Architecture.
The professors who taught in the course were Dr. Tarivardi, Ardalan, Teymouri, Dr. Deepak Patil and Dr. Fatima Smith.
In this two-days workshop, students worked with old design architecture and their renovations, as well as new model ones.
The models made by the students were so numerous that some of the students were awarded prizes by the president of KIOSKedia ( Dr. Gholami ) and their lecturers.
The Experienced professors in this workshop with expert explanations stimulated the students to the reconstruction projects and motivated them for this beautiful art of reconstruction.
In this 3-days seminar, Iranian students got acquainted with Arabic art and traditional and modern designers of the region. Iranian students stated that in some projects, the use and integration of multicultural projects can have a special beauty.
At the end of the seminar, in addition to the certificate, the students were awarded prizes by the President of KIOSKedia Academy.

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